With your help we are starting to make Marlow a
‘Dementia Friendly’ Community!

Dementia is probably the biggest health and social care crisis facing our society today. Someone develops the condition every three minutes and too many people are having to face this alone. More than 850,000 people in the UK are believed to be living with Dementia, including over 9000 in Buckinghamshire!

The Dementia Friends initiative

The Dementia Friends initiative

‘Making Marlow Dementia Friendly’ (known as MMDF) is a major project, backed by Rotary, to make life better for those in Marlow living with Dementia, their carers and loved ones. The Dementia Friends initiative was launched in 2013 by the Alzheimer’s society to try to tackle the negative aspects and stigma that can result in people with dementia losing friends and becoming socially isolated.

This is being used as the basis for MMDF, which is a community project by the community for the community.

What are we doing?

Painting the Town MMDF Yellow!

We are working towards our goals to:

  • Bring the Marlow community together to make a difference to those living with dementia
  • Hold awareness raising activities to improve Dementia education in the town
  • Encourage and empower Marlow-based organisations and businesses to get involved and take action to improve awareness of dementia
  • Ensure a strong voice for Marlow people living with dementia, as well as their carers and loved ones.
The Dementia Friends initiative

The project is being taken forward by a Committee of key stakeholders from across the Marlow community. MMDF Committee Chairman Paul Bolton explains it as follows:

“We shall be delighted to see shops, restaurants, public spaces and organisations throughout Marlow displaying our distinctive yellow MMDF badges to show that they are involved in this major project for the whole community.”

Dementia friends

How can you help?

By becoming a Dementia Friend!

You can become a Dementia friend simply by attending a dementia awareness information session, delivered by a dementia champion, lasting about one hour. These are designed to explain more about dementia and most importantly, to show you how you can help make the lives of those, living with and caring for those living with, dementia better. The information sessions are  held, regularly / more than once a month, in the Marlow area.

Timings and dates of future sessions are available

Dementia champion

How can you help?

By becoming a Dementia Friends Champion!

A Dementia Friends champion is a volunteer encouraging others to make that crucial positive difference to people living with dementia in the community. You can become a dementia friend champion by attending a one-day induction course delivered by specially trained staff at a convenient venue. You can then organise and run your own dementia friends awareness information sessions to qualify more Dementia Friends. This might be in your workplace, a social club, a place of worship, in a school. Please contact us if such a course might be of interest to you.


MMDF is a community project supported by Rotary

MMDF was conceived from within The Marlow Bridge Rotary Club and is also now supported by
the other local Rotary Clubs as below

Marlow bridge Rotary
Marlow Rotary Club
Marlow Thames Rotary
Maidenhaed bridge Rotary